Retirement information

Retirement information

If you are thinking about retirement, you may find our factsheet and using your annual benefit statement to estimate retirement benefits at different dates helpful.

Your latest Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) annual benefit statement issued every August sets out the benefits that you have built up so far. It assumes that you take these benefits in full at your normal pension age.

Taking LGPS benefits before their normal pension age (unless they are being taken on ill health or redundancy) will mean that they will be reduced to reflect the expectation that they will be paid for longer.

It is unlikely that all your LGPS benefits will be protected by the Rule of 85.

If you are retiring on redundancy before your State Pension age, there is a cost to your employer, as your benefits are being paid out on your redundancy rather than at their normal pension age.

If you take flexible retirement before 60 with your employer’s agreement, there is a cost that must either be paid by your employer or by you in the form of a reduction to your benefits.

If you would like an estimate of your pension, please contact your employer in the first instance, as they will be able to supply us with your latest pay.

Employees of Worcestershire County Council can complete the online estimate request form on Mercury. Note: any flexible retirement request must be discussed with your line manager first.

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